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February 2019
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Make Shi(f)t Happen

Derek DysartDerek Dysart

About five and a half years ago, a blog post by Tim Ferris that shared a chapter of Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Soulution, literally changed my life. Since then, I’ve been a regular consumer of several “Paleo” bogs, podcasts, books, and recipe books. All that said, this book wasn’t on my radar until very recently. What appealed to me is this was written as less of a “Paleo” book (though Dean Dwyer is pro-Paleo) and more of a change your mindset style of book.

While I’ve had very good success since shifting to a mainly Paleo diet, I’ve back slid a bit recently, and my weight had inched up back to ranges that it shouldn’t be at. One of the things this book got me to do is write down everything I eat. This alone has has made the difference for me over the past month. I found I was consuming way too many nuts for my own good. Writing them down (virtually, I’m using MyFitness Pal on iOS) has made me aware of how calorically dense its are. 

His book is a super fast read, and if your sort of on the “Paleo” trail already, helps tweak your thinking a bit.

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