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March 2019
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Derek Dysart

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

by Tony Robbins

Derek DysartDerek Dysart

Money: Master the Game

by Tony Robbins

I know he’s polarizing, but I first have to admit I find Tony Robbins fascinating. I can’t put a finger on why, but he’d be someone I’d love to meet sometime. That said, I first heard about this book on Tim Ferris’s podcast (another polarizing individual). That said, this book was good, but long. I mainly listened to the audio book, but did switch to the Kindle version from time to time. The audiobook is 21 hours long.

Having just finished Millionare Fastlane (see below), much of this book felt “slow lane” but it is a very worth coverage of traditional personal finance. The “7 steps” are really steps in so much as ways to break up the book. They are

  1. Make the decision to be an investor, not a consumer
  2. Become the insider: know the rules (what are the true costs of investments, and how do they really do)
  3. Make the game winable
  4. Make the most important investment descision of your life
  5. Create a lifetime income plan
  6. Invest like the 0.001%
  7. Just do it, enjoy it, and share it.

Having taken an interest early in my life of knowing the basics of personal finance, much of the book was well trodden ground, but still a good refresher nonetheless. A couple interesting takeaway I had were:

This books is a great primer on how to invest your money and stay sane, plus a lot of great philosophy to go with it.

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