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February 2019
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Derek Dysart

Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting

by Chris Martenson and Adam Tagart

Derek DysartDerek Dysart


by Chris Martenson and Adam Tagart

I started following Chris and Adam’s work on their site after hearing Robb Wolf mention it on one of his Podcasts. In a nutshell, Chris maintains we are going to see major change in our world over the next few years as Energy, the Economy and the Environment feel the pressures of actions of society as a whole, and through the actions of governments and central banks. The book for the most part is a distillation of what they’ve been teaching on their website and serves as a good primer for understanding what can be done to best prepare yourself and your family for these coming changes.

What I really like is they take on the whole “prepper” mentality and explain why having a plan to be a lone wolf is not going to be productive at all. Instead, they suggest investing in the eight forms of capital they layout:

In general, you can exchange some capital for others, the obvious is financial for material (buy a solar water heating system), but also social for knowledge (share information with your neighbors).

The point of this book isn’t fear of some impending crisis, but instead create a lifestyle that has value outside of that crisis, but offers resilience if it materializes.

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